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Singer Matt U Johnson seeks to make national waves

El Paso transplant Matt U Johnson was discovered as a talented singer and performer at the age of 14 while growing up in his hometown of New York.

Now, Johnson, who is still under 30, is already a veteran in the music business and he’s looking to use his talent and experience to elevate his career to the next level.

The 27-year-old singer, songwriter and actor is set to release a pair of new singles and perform Friday at Gravity Nightclub, 4151 N. Mesa St.

In that time, Johnson says he’s “developed a lot and changed genres. I was doing pop and R&B and now I’m doing more a mix of pop and EDM (electronic dance music) and dance hall. I’m Jamaican-American, so I grew up in (the dance hall) scene.”

Much of that artistic development, he said, has been influenced by leaving New York to follow his parents to the Sun City.

“My parents bought real estate here, so I came,” Johnson said. “Moving here, EDM is so huge. It opened my mind to dance music. With (Sun City Music Festival) and the energy and the positive vibes of the music, (the way) it makes people feel, that gave me a good vibration. I felt it blended with my vibe.”

Since graduating from Long Island University and relocating to El Paso, Johnson has made some ripples in the local music scene, performing at Minerpalooza and opening for a variety of artists, including Jamaican dance hall legend Buju Banton, rapper Cash Out and Mexican singer Cristina Eustace, according to his bio.

Now, Johnson is ready to make waves.

Not only has he released an EDM remix to his single “My Life,” which has done well on several streaming outlets, he also is set to release two singles this summer. “Hands Up” is produced by Sweden’s DJ Nova Marttenson and features “Buzzin” rapper Mann. The song will be available to stream and download Friday. “Get Up, Get Down” is a collaboration with Denver DJ, producer and vocalist Treyy G.

Treyy G also will perform at Friday’s concert. The duo are planning a European tour later this year.


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